Dragons and Titans

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Fly your dragon to victory.

Dragons and Titans is a new MOBA, with details of action RPG, released under a Free to Play licence and only available for download through Steam, where you have to master the powers of ultimate weapon: the Dragon.

With over 30 legendary Dragons available to choose from and over 30 different weapons to equip it with, in Dragons and Titans you'll have to master one of these powerful beings to serve you in your effort to become the definitive "Dragon Lord", and dominate all beings in this world. At least in the solo campaign game, because in regard to online multiplayer games, in Dragons and Titans basically what matters is to have the strongest possible dragon, just so you don't end up being eaten by your opponents!

With a gameplay that's easy and stunning graphics it makes it a delight to be in the skies astride a dragon over the spectacular scenery of Dragons and Titans, and it's very easy to learn to manage Dragons and Titans which makes it a game perfect for casual gamers. But the mix of solo play and the many multiplayer modes of Dragons and Titans, both cooperative and competitive, with 5 vs 5 player battles, make it a game open to all kinds of profiles, both novices and veterans alike. There's only one requirement to have fun playing Dragons and Titans - that you like the dragons!


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